Pureflow Filtration

Established in 1973 in Whittier California, Pureflow Filtration Div. specializes in the removal of heavy metals, radionuclides, sulfides, and organics from drinking water supplies, industrial water sources, and process streams. With flow rates from 20 gpm to 10,000 gpm, Pureflow has designed and manufactured hundreds of treatment systems throughout the US, Canada, and Mexico.

Understanding that there is no “silver bullet” to water treatment, Pureflow offers an unparalleled pilot study program, and a variety of innovative treatment processes and medias that are tailored for your application.

The Pureflow Legacy

Pureflow’s reputation is built on our commitment to produce the highest quality class of equipment in the industry, custom engineered, with unprecedented service that warrants long-standing relationships with our valued clients.

Pureflow Ozone

In 2017 Pureflow Ozone Division was formed when Primozone, a premier manufacturer of ozone generators, named Pureflow an exclusive strategic engineering Partner for the U.S. and Canadian marketplace.  The partnership combines an unparalleled ozone generator technology that’s revolutionizing the ozone industry with an industry proven water and waste water process / system engineering team.

The combination results in highly sophisticated, custom engineered systems based on ground breaking patented ozone generation technology and sound fundamental engineering.  The technology is unrivaled, and the quality is unsurpassed.