Grundfos Water Utility, Inc

We are in the water business with you

We develop water solutions for the world. We set the standard in terms of innovation, efficiency, reliability and sustainability. We are a pump company connecting with millions and millions of people every day. Our solutions help our partners and customers move water to where it is supposed to go. Providing drinking water for the smallest villages and the highest skyscrapers, treating and removing wastewater and bringing heat and comfort to the world – or cool it down if needed.

Our company

Innovation is at our core. Sustainability is our heart. And excellence is at the top of our minds. We are a global company with a drive to develop solutions for the world’s water challenges. We play an active part in our surrounding world.

Supplying our business

We want to add value. To what you do and to what we can do together. We build strong partnerships with all our customers, partners and suppliers. We bring quality products, cutting-edge research and development and world-class components.