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Be part of The Gold Standard. SUPERIOR gas and liquid feed systems and instrumentation. When you purchase a SUPERIOR Gas Chlorinator or VacuFeed Liquid Chemical Feed System, you will be getting the best, most technologically advanced product on the market, Period. Chemical Injection Technologies, Inc., is devoted to customer satisfaction, safety, proactive technology, and superior design. We promise that all of our energies and talents will be constantly utilized to keep SUPERIOR products on the cutting edge of technology so that you can always be assured of the highest quality in design and materials. We further pledge that you will never be more than a phone call or fax away from personal attention. Most routine questions can be handled by your local SUPERIOR dealer, but if you ever have a need or want the answer to a technical question or have comments and suggestions about your SUPERIOR equipment, we are always here for you. Let us show you why all our products are truly SUPERIOR.