Global manufacturer of integrated water solutions

In 70+ countries with 70,000+ installations…FITT® for the purpose intended.

Award-winning for innovation, these quality products and proven performance solutions are certified and verified for BETTER sustainable water management!

Nothing is more fundamental to sustainability than maintaining a healthy water supply for the property with that comes better, integrated management of water opportunities. BioMicrobics has grown from one product focused on single-family, decentralized wastewater treatment into a multi-faceted corporation to deliver water solutions that are better for the environment and better for the bottom line.

Along with Scienco/FAST and SeptiTech (both subsidiaries), our goal is to help clean the water in our world and produce simple, low cost, and robust technologies, devices, and products that deliver highly-effective, low maintenance and energy-efficient water treatment systems. We provide a high-quality turnkey, client-focused service from design through to commissioning, working closely with local councils, authorities, consulting engineers, and property developers to help them design the most appropriate system for their needs. BioMicrobics is committed to providing our clients with the highest standards of excellence not only in product delivery but also after-sales service.

The world is certainly getting smarter at calculating the real price of water use in terms of extraction, treatment and transport, as well as energy use. This paves the way for a more innovative approach to water management with small, FITT®-for Purpose with award-winning technologies. With this worldwide emphasis on environmental concerns and improving water quality, our pre-engineered, pre-packaged, certified, “Fixed Integrated Treatment Technologies” (FITT®) are the result of decades of real-world operating history and proven results that offer significant environmental benefits…FITT® for the Purpose Intended.

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