Veolia Water Technologies

The best technology to preserve your water resources

Veolia Water Technologies (VWT), a subsidiary of the Veolia group, is the leading specialist in water treatment. Our teams design and deliver drinking water or wastewater treatment plants as well as smaller standardized water treatment equipment for industrial or municipal customers. VWT also offers a range of services (audit, maintenance, digital,…) to cover all water treatment plant management needs.

Solutions for a sustainable world

We create technologies for sustainable development. Our expertise is deliberately focused on preserving the environment: we help you reduce your carbon footprint and optimize your water consumption, in particular through our “zero liquid discharge” (ZLD) offer, which aims to reuse wastewater after treatment within the plant. We also offer you methanisation solutions to exploit the energy produced by the sludge from your plant’s water treatment. The biogas generated in this way can be consumed within the plant, in a nearby plant or in the municipality’s distribution network. We provided this for Artois Methanisation with our colleagues from Veolia subsidiary Sede. Our objective is to help you preserve water and energy resources.

We are a “global” player: our standardized technologies are designed globally to meet the standards of different countries and our services are designed locally to be as close as possible to your needs and above all to be as responsive as possible according to your needs or emergencies. Even in extreme emergencies: this is the challenge we faced when Hurricane Irma hit the islands of Saint-Barthélémy and Saint-Martin in 2017, where our teams from Sidem and VWT Spain did everything possible to restore water production and distribution on these islands as quickly as possible.

We are developing access to water for more and more people, while preserving it for future generations. With its 11 million inhabitants and drinking water needs that will double by 2030, the city of Dhaka in Bangladesh is in need of a new water treatment plant. Veolia Water Technologies will design this plant, which will produce 500,000 m3 of water per day.