RockWater Equipment

Your Solution provider in Wastewater and Water Treatment

RockWater is your single source manufacturer supplying a full spectrum of equipment. Our equipment is engineered utilizing new technologies, proven reliability and the highest quality. We specialize in offering new primary clarifiers, secondary clarifiers, solid contact clarifiers, and thickeners.

Best-in-class products and equipment

The RockWater Equipment is designed and fabricated of the highest quality and standards. Our professional engineers and field installation crews are the best in the business.

About RockWater

The RockWater brand of equipment such as clarifiers and thickeners are uniquely designed by combining the best of the original types of heavy duty, robust and long-lasting clarifiers that are still running strong today with the innovative technology coming from RockWater Equipment Company. This equipment is designed by our engineering staff of professional engineers, designers and Phd’s. Our engineering staff has over 75 years of combined experience with designing clarifiers and thickeners. The RockWater engineering team has designed many clarifiers and thickeners that will not only help improve the operation and performance of the clarifiers but will also save time and money for our customers.

We believe in offering our customers the very best quality products along with excellent customer service. The proven designed RockWater equipment and clarifiers offer optimal performance, high quality and are backed up by a company you know and trust. RockWater Equipment is the clear choice for all new and retrofit clarifiers and thickeners.


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