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Packings and supporting products for wastewater trickling filters at municipal water treatment plants. The media supports biological growth that destroys BOD (biological oxygen demand) of the wastewater.

Trickling Filter Media and Products

Dura-Pac® PVC Trickling Filter biological growth support Media

Dura-Dek® Protective Grating

Dura-Dek® Photos

Dura-Pier® Support System

Dura-Pier® Photos

Bio-Pac® SF30 Random Trickling Filter bioligical growth support Media

Bio-Pac® Photos

Sessil® Trickling Filter high strength industrial BOD biological growth support Media

Sessil® Installations

Sessil® Photos

Additional Products

Kontakt® MBBR Media

This media suppports biological growth in Moving Bed Biofilm Reactors (MBBRs)

Kompakt® Structural Media

3.5” Bio-Ring® Random Packing

3.5” Bio-Pac® data sheet