OR-TEC… a premier manufacturer of quality wastewater treatment equipment…

Founded in 1980, OR-TEC specializes in the manufacture and sales of wastewater treatment equipment for the municipal and industrial marketplace. Since its inception, OR-TEC has gained a reputation throughout the U.S., Mexico, Canada and internationally as a premier manufacturer of high quality equipment. Our innovative technology, excellence in manufacturing and reliable service are appreciated by our many customers.

OR-TEC is a customer-oriented company that designs, manufactures and markets high quality sludge dewatering, chemical dosing, flotation, screening and conveying equipment. Virtually every application of our products is specifically designed to meet individual customer requirements and site specific conditions.

OR-TEC understands the customer’s needs, the problems to be solved and spending parameters. With this data, a “partnership” is created to assist customers achieve their desired objectives. OR-TEC provides products responsive to existing and future needs while insisting on complete customer satisfaction.

With increasing environmental awareness and governmental issues focused on the disposal of waste, every municipality and industry must now adhere to special guidelines and legislative issues. OR-TEC offers you an immediate solution that will save time and money while allowing you to be in compliance with Federal, State and local mandates.