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Maximum Recovery. Guaranteed.

When treating water for municipalities, the challenge goes beyond just producing the required quality and quantity. Growing population needs, variable water sources, increasing water source scarcity, and regulatory pressures all combine to increase complexity. Municipal water treatment plants require reliable water treatment technologies to effectively produce high quality water. If plagued by PFAS and PFOS, reverse osmosis is an excellent remedy.

Desalitech’s Closed Circuit Reverse Osmosis (CCRO) systems excel where other reverse osmosis systems fail. CCRO systems provide maximum water recovery of up to 98% plus a resistance to fouling, scaling leading your municipality to effort and worry free water purification.

Applications for CCRO


Reverse osmosis is often used for potable water production and a reliable system is essential. If municipal water is coming from a source such as a river, lake, reservoir or even a well – the water can change seasonally and only Desalitech’s CCRO systems can automatically adapt to those changes.


Recycling and reusing water is the ultimate test in sustainability for any municipality. Push the boundaries with award winning and efficient CCRO to reuse water for irrigation, cooling systems and general purpose uses.


Municipal water treatment operators face major challenges in removing PFAS chemicals from their water supplies, but increased topical knowledge and the right preparation can set your city or town apart. Reverse Osmosis is the only filtration method that effectively removes both short and long-chain PFAS and other Contaminants of Emerging Concern, Granular Activated Carbon by itself cannot effectively do so, and is typically more expensive than RO coupled with GAC in a life cycle cost analysis.

Our Duty

Massive population and economic growth continues to increase demand for food, goods, services, and raw materials that depend on water for their production. Combined with the impact of climate change, the result is unprecedented pressure on our water resources. The world is simply running out of clean water.

The solution is clear: increased water purification, reuse, and desalination.

Outdated, wasteful, and unreliable reverse osmosis systems actually contribute to the problem as a silent water killer that needlessly wastes trillions of gallons.

It is our opportunity, and our duty, to rescue the world from water scarcity by making wasteful and unreliable legacy water purification and reuse technology obsolete.

We believe in Pure Water Perseverance

There are always challenges, but we know that we are going to win big in the end, and we never give up! It takes courage, toughness, and humility. It’s a grind, and we embrace it.


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